About Us

Welcome to the Iranian Community of WA

The Iranian Community of Western Australia (ICWA), is a division of Iranian Association Inc, not-for-profit, non-political, charitable community organisation, dedicated to perform social and cultural programs, promote Persian culture, music, literature and arts, provide welfare, social services, and support the community members, in particular, to the disadvantaged migrants, youth and senior citizens, act as representative of Iranian Community in Western Australia and to enhance the employ-ability and social life of its members.

ICWA designed for people from all faiths and backgrounds, who love Persian culture, art and literature, are open minded, respect other people’s beliefs, ideas, opinions and feelings, value quality friendship, enjoy social activities and use the cultural and social events and activities as an opportunity to meet other people.

Anyone residing in Australia can take membership, participate in activities and assist ICWA in running social/cultural programs. ICWA is also open to all individuals and groups who may wish to perform a kind of art, music, literary and cultural program at ICWA Social Gatherings. Performers and participants are requested to respect the guidelines and code of conducts set by ICWA. The condition -In General- is to respect everyone’s thought and not to use any words or act in such a way that may be considered as offensive to others.

The official language used by the ICWA for communication within the group (ie. Meetings) shall be English and Persian. However all legal documents including (not limited to) minutes of the meetings, activity and financial reports shall be drawn up in English. ICWA shall not engage in any political activities or any other activities that implies a kind of political advocacy.

ICWA Objectives

Promote a harmonious relationship amongst Iranian Australian citizens, and the society in general by cultivating mutual respect through increased social interaction, sports, recreation, and other activities of significant community benefit.

To extend co-operation, create coordination, harmony and unity among all Iranians, and strengthen and expand relations between Iranians in Western Australia based on Persian culture, language and traditions, and to provide support and services to all Iranians regardless of their race, religion, sex, age and/or political preferences.

Performing social, cultural and educational programs to promote, teach, enlighten and raise the awareness in the areas of Persian profound heritage, culture, art, literature and language, and preserve the authentic Iranian culture and traditions.

ICWA Management Team

ICWA Management Team comprises of representatives of members, meet regularly, and is responsible for organising and managing social and cultural events, to provide feedback and advices to improve activities, services & events, to contribute towards the development of more effective, responsive, intuitive and equitable service delivery practices, to study and identify the needs of the community and to plan activities and services to improve the social life of ICWA members.

Funding and budget

All ICWA programs and services are runs by volunteer members, who donate their time and enthusiasm to help others.
ICWA does not have any government or corporate funding and runs all program and services with the policy that each activity covers its costs. ICWA Funds accrue from:

Membership fees
Social and cultural programs.
Donations from members and attendances.
Grants from appropriate Australian government authorities.