Become a member of Iranian Community great family today!

Australia is the country of different nations, and residing Iranians like every other nation in this country had the opportunity to establish their own community organisation to help each other and new arrivals, and also to act as a bridge between the community and state and federal governments, when required.

Iranian Community of Western Australia is registered cultural organisation of Iranians in Western Australia, serving our community by running social and cultural programs and events, since 2010. The primary objective of ICWA is to brings Iranians together, and to promote the Persian language and culture to both Iranian and non-Iranian community.
ICWA has an active interest in all aspects of fostering, developing and promoting Persian culture and language.

However the expansion of activities and services and planning for future events will not be possible without the support and cooperation of the entire community. Therefore we would like to invite all our compatriots to join and help us improve and strengthen our activities.

Iranian Community of Western Australia is a division of Iranian Association Inc.
The membership of Iranian Association is open to everyone who love Persian culture, art and literature, are open minded, respect other people’s beliefs, ideas, opinions and feelings, value quality friendship, and enjoy social activities. Addition to the opportunities for networking, participation in social activities, access to facilities, events and programs, there would be many individual benefits that membership of the association brings.

Membership benefits

Access to service and programs.
Being active in the community.
Supporting social and cultural events.
Opportunity to be a member of the management team.
Opportunity to shape the community events.
Opportunity to join ICWA volunteer forces.
Updates and event information delivered to you.
Invitation and booking preference to events.
Members’ discount for ICWA ticketed events.
Voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

Help Each Other, Understand Each Other, Serve Each Other

The membership of association, is open to any male or female who is residing in Australia, completed the age of seventeen years and accepted the constitution, after applying for membership, payment of membership fee and the approval of the membership by the association. All Members shall have the voting rights and to be present and debate at General Meetings.

Membership termination

Any Member may resign from the Association giving two weeks notice in writing to the Association of such intention. Upon the expiration of that period of notice, the Member shall cease to be a member and will forfeit all of the membership rights.

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