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ICWA Covid Vaccination Support Program

Considering the WA Government’s plans to improve community health and combat the Covid-19 virus, ICWA initiated its COVID-19 Support Program to raise awareness and to support our compatriots.
In this regard, the following measures have been implemented.

– Direct communication and collaboration with relevant authorities and sharing the necessary information
– Sharing covid related information with participants at ICWA programs and events
– Providing voluntary services to accompany and guide people who need help for attending vaccination centres
– Accompanying elderly people and people with physical disabilities, who are unable to attend vaccination centres
– Implementing programs to promote greater participation of Iranian Community in vaccination.

Therefore, ICWA invites all community members, particularly those who have not yet has chance to get both doses of vaccination, to participate in this program and get vaccinated as soon as possible.
As always, our community members will take their part towards the health and safety of WA and do their best for the betterment of our community.

Kind Regards
Iranian Community of WA