ICWA Services for Members

ICWA belongs to members and all programs and services are runs by volunteers, who donate their time and enthusiasm to help others. ICWA services are for members only, however ICWA tries to extend its services to everyone when possible.

ICWA program and services include:

Access to ICWA services, invitation and booking preference to ICWA public events and more. Click here for details.

Social and Cultural Programs
Social gatherings, Persian new year festival, music, movies and more. Check here.

Volunteering Program
Volunteering opportunities for members. Click here for details.

Professionals Network
Iranian Professionals Network is a network of professionals within the Iranian Community of Western Australia, supporting Iranian professionals and businesses, with the focus on enhancement of the employ-ability, career and business development and enhancement, and social life of Professional members through networking and community engagement. IPN provides opportunities for networking, knowledge and experience sharing, and a positive, supportive, and structured environment for personal and professional development, and business & career advancement.
Read more about business network here.

Referral Services
Referring members to appropriate services from our partners such as:
Home Loan (ICWA negotiated and secured a great home loan deal for members)
Professional disability care and aged care service
Free English Classes, and more. Apply here