Persian Business Network

Persian Business Network (PBN)
Supporting WA Persian Businesses
PBN is a business network and provides opportunities for networking, knowledge and experience sharing, and a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.
PBN membership is like having a group of salespeople representing your business,
and in return you are representing their businesses.

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Networking requires commitment. PBN members are sincerely committed to helping one another. As a participant in PBN, you are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the network. PBN meeting are held on monthly basis.
Non-Members are also welcome to RSVP and attend for free.


Wednesday 20 February 2019; 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Also: 17/04, 15/05, 19/06, 17/07, 21/08, 18/09, 16/10 and 20/11/2019

Location: Collins Street Centre, Cnr Collins St and Shaftesbury Street, South Perth WA 6151
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Persian Business Network Steering Group
The Persian Business Network Steering Group role is to decide on the priorities of activities of the Persian Business Network (PBN) and to manage the general course of PBN operation.

Mahdi Chavoshi (Team Leader)
Saeideh Botlani
Helia Singh
Morteza Tabatabaee
Ebrahim Hosseini
Saeed Parvaresh
Ata Amini
The Benefits of Membership

  • Networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Business referrals from network members.
  • Support and word of mouth for your business from network members.
  • Access to wealth of knowledge and experience within the network.
  • Access to all PBN workshops and seminars.
  • Access to all PBN materials on members area of the website.
  • Discounts from network members for products and services that are available within the network.
  • Introductions to new business contacts who are attending the monthly events.
  • Free listing on website business listing page

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Annual Membership Fee: $60.00
Info Lines: 0477668343
Info Email:
PBN facebook page:
Telegram Group:

Rules of the network

  • Monthly meetings last for two hours. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.
  • Attendance is critical. If someone cannot attend a meeting, shall send a substitute to present member’s business.
  • All new members need to send their resume and business details to be considered for membership. This is to make sure people have license and authority to work in a claimed category in Australia.
  • Members are committing to support and promote each other’s businesses.
  • Non-Members are also welcome to RSVP and attend the PBN Nights for free.
  • Members to invite visitors to monthly meeting.
  • Members should prepare to speak about their businesses.
  • Telegram group to be used to educate or ask questions, to share success stories, to create business opportunity for members and to be in contact with each other.
  • Each membership represents one business. Applying for second membership using different email address is allowed.